Strategic Auctions provides this online auction platform to offer many different type assets to registered member auction bidders. To participate in one of these auctions please register and become a member auction bidder.

Typically, each auction will publish terms and conditions that are very specific to each auction event. You must review, accept, and abide by each auctions terms and conditions to participate in that event.

This Auction Platform Supports Different Types Of Online Auction Sales Including:

  • Timed online only auctions.
  • Live auctions with real time remote bidder simulcast participation
  • Timed and Live auction absentee bidder support
  • Sealed bid auction sales

Each Auction Type May Specify Different Additional Components For Instance:

  • Staggered ending times
  • Soft close, “auto extend dynamic” ending times.
  • Maximum bidding by proxy

Strategic Auctions online platform is not a singular auction house but supports different auctioneers. Please refer to each specific auction for contact information of the hosting auction company for event support.